Beyond clean and green, Blue Beauty is a platform created to inspire beauty and personal care brands working to make a positive impact on the world through innovation, sustainability, transparency, and social responsibility.

Ingredients and packaging are important. But it’s just the start. Blue Beauty encompasses a company’s commitment to ethical and sustainable practices throughout the entire supply chain, from seed to end of life cycle.

Something Blue

To us, ‘doing something’ is making it easy to find, learn and trust the world’s most sustainable and ethical beauty brands. Our process is our passion:


We evaluate brands, products, packaging, and processes to assess their environmental and social impact on people, and the planet.


We use our platform as a megaphone to share the great work brands are doing to positively impact the environment, workers, and their communities. And because becoming ‘blue” is a journey and not a destination, we will share the research, ideas, and innovation that can lead us forward.


Collaboration is the key to an equitable and regenerative future. We work closely with an expert council of like-minded leaders within and outside of the beauty industry who share our vision for bluer, better business.

Blue Beauty

To do good,
you actually have to
do something.

Yvon Chouinard
Founder of Patagonia

A Blueprint For Better Beauty

  • Ethical Ingredients

    Brands must meet stringent ingredient standards that ensure healthy formulas free of toxins, disruptors and unsafe synthetics, but we go a step further by working with brands that prioritize local and third party-certified suppliers, incorporate safe and sustainable biotechnology if that is the more sustainable and safe option, and conduct regular site visits and supplier audits.

  • Supply Chain Transparency

    Blockchain technology allows for increased transparency that helps counter greenwashing and waste. We partner with Provenance to verify brands’ claims and help distill complex data into clear facts, so consumers have the information they need to feel empowered.

  • Low Waste Packaging

    Brands should avoid virgin plastic and glass, use the highest percentage of PCR material, and have abolished sampling as part of their sales strategy. We celebrate brands that offer refillable, reusable and biodegradable packaging, or have introduced modern solutions such as bio waste.

  • Recycling Initiatives

    Without a universal recycling standard, it’s up to brands to provide clear and consistent instructions on how to recycle their product packaging, including how to disassemble and dispose of non recyclable parts. We work with brands that make it easy to recycle by using recyclable and mono-materials, provide clear labeling, and collaborate with companies like TerraCycle and PACT.

  • Water & Biodiversity

    The downstream effects of sourcing, manufacturing, distribution and consumption have had a dramatic impact on water and biodiversity. We recognize brands that prioritize regenerative farming practices, reducing water consumption, rehabilitating biodiversity and removing ocean waste.

  • Carbon Commitment

    We take steps to reduce our carbon footprint and offset carbon emissions with every decision and transaction, and we feature blue beauty brands that do the same. Our aim is to inspire more carbon transparency from brands and help consumers make sense of carbon complexities through measuring, labeling, and providing real-time tools to help consumers make carbon-conscious choices.

  • Social Impact

    From inequality to animal rights, we believe that building social awareness and accountability into the business model is necessary for a sustainable world. We celebrate brands that are pursuing a more just and equitable society through regular financial contributions to causes they care about.